Budgeting Reviews and Testimonials

"Dianna has been most helpful and I value her guidance and insight that she has given me to obtain a better path to financial stability."  - G. Smith

"I have been using this company/service for 10+ yrs. I was in tremendous debt in way over my head with a not so great credit score and had a consultation that set me on the path to financial control and better budgeting using the methods the company has provided over the years. The CEO/Founder has always been excellent with answering any and all follow up questions I have and providing services I need. I am now in a much better place financially and happy to report my credit great! Thank you so much DDE!!" - E. Armstead

"If you are in need of any Financial or Notary services DDE is the place for you. GREAT customer service, very professional, and helpful. I highly recommend their services. You won't regret it." - A. Robinson

"DDE has helped me since 2015 to get my finances in order and is still providing tips and pointers to this day. The professionalism and courtesy she exhibits is phenomenal. I was able to pay off my car and get on top of my bills with her help in scheduling and planning. I highly recommend her for your budgeting needs." - E. Justice

"I have been tuning in to her live sessions focusing on saving money and paying off debt. Diana offers great tools to use to become debt free and how to create a budget. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs that extra push to save money or figure out a way to pay off debt." - K. Roulhac